Rfid blockchain supply chain

rfid blockchain supply chain

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One key application is supply chain management, where RFID tags enable real-time tracking of goods, while blockchain ensures transparency and. In this scenario, the use of RFID technology, the IoT infrastructure and the blockchain allows real-time alignment of the real and virtual warehouses. Therefore. The study proposes to analyse three different scenarios of the Parmigiano Reggiano supply chain considering blockchain technology as an enabler.
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The ability to simulate and perform a cost´┐Żbenefit analysis is essential to gain adoption by more participants and not just by multinationals where profits are greater. This scenario includes the new Industry 4. In addition, the challenges of supply chain management have further amplified with the Covid pandemic Hald and Coslugeanu ; Joshi et al. This can be explained by the fact that in the traditional scenario relationships among organizations are performed by neighbouring players and planning is done only on the historical purchase data that each actor receives from their downstream counterparts.